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My Name is Remi Berret-Carrasco and this is my online portfolio. I was born in Germany and moved to the United States at a young age. Since then I have developed a love for music and media. I started collecting audio equipment in highschool and have ammased quite a collection of microphones, keyboards and other fun stuff.

Aside from music, I have more recently picked up the hobbies of recording/editing video and podcasting. Podcasting to me is a new experience because, while I am still working with audio, it isn't musical and rather just spoken voice and so this changes the editing process. I like to work with video, often to accompany my music.

This site will lay ouy my skills, works and abilities in a single-page, top-to-bottom format for easy navigation. The navigation buttons in the upper right-hand corner will take you to any section of the site with a simple click and a fun animation. I coded and filled out this site myself using HTML and CSS.

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News Stories

I've written stories for KTSW as a news reporter. I learned to schedule interviews, record for soundbites and write wraps, ready for the air.


I can shoot and edit video. This includes operating equipment and recording screen and computer audio and working everying together into one final product in the end.


I produce my own music. This includes production of the instrumental, vocals/processing, and mixing and mastering. I am also a multi-instrumentalist mostly proficient at guitar.


I can record and edit podcasts. I am also familiar with RSS feeds and setting one up in order to send podcast episodes to multiple podcasting platforms.


I've been a News reporter for KTSW, the University radio station. I scheduled interviews with people and wrote stories for the radio from them. These were then vocally recorded and edited, with a soundbite from the interviee.

I was also an on-air DJ for KTSW where I had my own timeslot to play music and announce live. I operated the soundboard, microphones and music software. I spoke on air during certain times to announce songs, the weather or read short ads for the station.

I was a lead volunteer at SXSW. I was in charge of the tech at the panels (sound, lights, projectors, etc.). I was a lead in charge of the major errors and repairs. I had my own volunteers to manage, help and grade.

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